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Tile designs and ideas for your project!

Sudbury Granite and Marble believes in making your kitchen and bathroom comfortable in a stylish way. Along with giving your home a makeover with granite and marble, we now offer tiles. Though the tiles we sell are suitable for any place of your house we specialize in designing your kitchen and bathroom. Whether you are looking to completely remodel these rooms or simply going to start a small project; we offer a wide selection of high quality tiles. Our extensive collection of tile, stone, and glass will give your home a new look in a distinctive way.

Come visit one of our brand new tile showrooms in Hopedale, MA or Newington, CT location where you will find all the variety and will get a better idea. We offer this “one stop shop” experience because we believe that choice becomes easier this way.

Apart from providing tile services we also introduce latest and ongoing trends of kitchen and bathroom remodeling on our website Tile Shop Ideas. Here you will find ideas regarding refashioning your kitchen and bathroom specifically. What tile looks best in which lighting? Which tile design never goes out of fashion? What texture of tile goes well with the entire kitchen or bathroom? Questions like these are answered here via the amazing and informative ideas which have been posted. This will surely help you out in making a choice. Work with us for your tiles project and feel the new change in your house because change is better.